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10 January 2019

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Why the Margarita Is the Perfect Cocktail


The margarita is a classic Mexican inspired drink. No matter which way you have it, it speaks of sophistication and sheer refreshment. Margaritas are popular and beautifully prepared cocktails best shared with friends and family especially at the Añejo Cantina and Grill. Discover the finest margaritas with the exotic flavors of Mexico this side of Sherman Oaks when you visit the trendiest Mexican restaurant in town.


Why Choose the Margarita


Margaritas are among the most creative and impressive cocktails. Available in a wide variety of flavors and preparations, it is certainly among the classiest of drinks. Añejo Cantina and Grill Presents the Following Delectable Cocktails You Simply Cannot Miss!


Gold Margarita


Presenting the premium or Gold Standard of margaritas, this splendid cocktail is prepared with intense exotic flavors. Fruit sensations strawberry, watermelon, mango, peach, and pomegranate make this refreshing drink a favorite among friends and family.


Anejo Margarita


The Anejo Margarita is a classic cocktail offering house infused habanero tequila, fresh lemon-lime juice, and orange juice. Add a spicy taste of Mexico to your life at Añejo Cantina and Grill where we set the standard for all things Mexicana.


Wine O’ Rita


It’s wine o’clock with the popular Wine O’Rita. A beautiful summer cocktail sure to impress your guests, this frozen margarita is infused with red sangria and flavorful fruity notes.


El Skinny Rita


One can only experience the El Skinny Rita at Añejo Cantina and Grill. The addition of lemon juice packs a punch with a surprisingly refreshing twist.




Spend an incredible night of  live music at Añejo Cantina and Grill with a frozen mango cocktail and its spicy kick of tabasco. Sure to refresh during summer and warm your soul in winter, the Mangoneda is a must have at the Añejo Cantina and Grill.


Horchata Rita


Considered the perfect summer cocktail, the Horchata Rita presents a truly unique blend of flavors. Its almond and rice-based consistency are sure to get you in the party mood for a night to remember. The Horchata Rita is available at the Añejo Cantina and Grill where the perfect mix of cocktails best represent the flavors of Mexico and Latin America.


The Most Popular Margaritas


The margarita remains a sought-after drink with its distinguished choice of tequila and a variety of fruity flavors, sweet syrups or citrus notes. As a traditional Mexican cocktail, it is best served at spectacular events and fun nights out. Be sure to try the most exotic margaritas at Añejo Cantina and Grill.


The Watermelon Margarita


Pretty in pink and the perfect cocktail all year round. Impress your friends and associates with a spectacular event by introducing the breath-taking flavors of the watermelon margarita.


Bloody Margarita


While you may not be wrong to think of the traditional Bloody Mary, the Bloody Margarita is an intense citrus infused cocktail with a deep blood orange color. Considered best as a winter beverage, it ignites a true sense of invigoration even in the heart of those cold, dark nights.


Why the Margarita Remains a Classic Cocktail


The Margarita is an all-time classic. It is the sophisticated cocktail blending traditional tequila with citrus notes, berry fusions and sweet syrups. Añejo Cantina and Grill in Sherman Oaks with a contemporary full bar, presents an exotic and authentically Mexican range of the finest cocktails. Be sure to join us for the best happy hour in town and a night of live music!