Añejo Cantina & Grill is an authentic Mexican Restaurant


Añejo Cantina & Grill is an authentic Mexican Restaurant offering the very best in Mexican food and drinks with a full menu inspired by traditional Mexican dining. Located in Sherman Oaks, California we offer our guests a full service bar, a grand dining room, out door seating, private room and a lounge area.

Vibrant Atmosphere and Delicious Food


At Añejo Cantina & Grill, we believe in bringing the authenticity of Mexico straight to our guests in Sherman Oaks, and the San Fernando Valley. Our beautiful banquet room provides a contemporary addition to our dining service. It has been designed to provide our guests with a vibrant atmosphere, artful décor and a spacious location that friends and family can enjoy.


14755 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403



Añejo Cantina and Grill Patio



    Authentic Mexican Recipes and Dishes!


    Led by our professional chefs with specialization in creating flavorful and trendy Mexican dishes, we take pride in our ability to bring Mexico straight to our guests in the heart of Sherman Oaks.


    A Full Bar


    What makes Añejo so unique is our ability to bring the best Mexican cocktails and the finest happy hour to every guest who joins us!


    A Lounge Area


    Our trendy restaurant provides our customers with an airy, light and fun atmosphere. Our bar and lounge area allows guests to relax on sofas and enjoy their time at Añejo as well as following their favorite team and games on tvs.

    Live Entertaintment


    To ensure that every guest feels as though they are transported to Mexico, we bring a live music to our quaint dance floor adding to the traditions and excitement at the restaurant. Spend a late night with us through song and dance while enjoying our full bar and menu.

    Authentic and Innovative Menu


    Our focus is on bringing our guests an authentic and an innovative menu with a high standard of service to match. Whether you wish to order a takeout or sit down at the best Mexican restaurant, we offer our guests a superb experience.

    The Freshest Ingredients


    We only source the freshest ingredients and ensure that our menu is representative of the traditional meals of Mexico. With a combination of expertise, craft and creativity delivered by our chefs, you can rest assured to experience the most tasteful and flavorful foods at Anejo Cantina & Grill. Our wonderful banquet and full bar dining bring the artistry of traditional Mexican cuisine to the fore.

    Experience Añejo Cantina & Grill!


    Become part of the authentic Mexican experience with traditional entertainment, fine foods and a high quality dining experience.

    Michelada with Shrimp