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10 January 2019

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Why Every Day Should Be Taco Tuesday


The taco is so delicious and so delectable; it has remained a firm favorite wherever you go! Because it is so popular, everyday should be taco Tuesday! A traditional dish from Mexico, Tacos have become incredibly sought after in Sherman Oaks and here’s why.


Añejo Cantina and Grill is the best Mexican restaurant in the city. At Añejo, you will find fresh and crispy tacos from the carne asada taco to the unique combination of fish tacos and much more. Discover just why we believe tacos should be enjoyed every day, especially at Añejo Cantina and Grill.


Why Tacos are Simply the Best


The taco is one of the most diverse Latin American dishes. It consists of corn-based bread that is folded to hold various meat and vegetable fillings. From vegetarian and fish tacos to chicken and steak taco combinations, these saucy and tasty dishes are perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Enjoy your taco however you like although the best way to eat tacos is holding your wrap and tasting all the flavors and textures at once. As an authentically Mexican dish, the taco is considered a national treasure.


Where Did the Taco Come From?


The taco is the most notable of Mexican dishes the world over. It is believe to predate the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico. People have been exciting their palettes with a traditional food that includes a multitude of delectable fillings for a very long time.


At Añejo Cantina and Grill, we have taken every step to maintain the flavors, the aromas and freshness of the original taco. From our beautifully designed Mexican restaurant to our freshly prepared tacos, we will transport you to experience the richness of Mexican culture with every bite!


Taco Tuesday at Añejo Cantina and Grill


Tacos are very popular in Sherman Oaks, especially on Taco Tuesday! Añejo Cantina and Grill is the place to be for the best tacos in the city and beyond.


Recognized for its amazing steak tacos, chicken tacos, Carnitas and fish tacos, they remain true to the wonderful fresh flavors of the traditional Mexican food.


While primarily served as a fast food, Añejo creates filling meals with the most flavorful, fresh ingredients. Our Taco Tuesdays ensure you find every style of taco to suit your palette.


Our carne asada taco consists of succulent steak carefully marinated with our traditional Mexican inspired sauces.


Stop by to experience the carnitas with a brazed crisp meat or fish tacos for a high protein and scrumptious meal.


With Añejo Cantina & Grill, your Taco Tuesdays will never be the same. Once you taste our authentically prepared tacos, you will certainly be coming back for more!


Whether fish tacos or chicken tacos, join us for an astounding experience like no other.

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